Comments from the track sessions I have coached on behalf of the Greater Peterborough Athletics Network:


" Fun and informative session." Steve Lawson


"Hard work but a good session and very well explained." Karen


"Fun and very informative." Gill Holmes


"Fantastic session. Extremely beneficial." Denise Fassler


" Great sessions. Very enjoyable and with lots of tips and technique advice that will enhance my running performance." Caroline Sefton


"Very informative and inclusive sessions, being somewhat bigger and slower, everyone is very friendly and encouraging. Ros is an approachable coach, enjoyed them alot."


"We love the sessions ........A great friendly and fun atmosphere as well!" Lee and Laura Whitton





1 to 1 Coaching


I always considered myself a cyclist who sometimes runs. However, having secured entry to London marathon, setting a personal goal of running sub 4 hours, and wanting to still be fit enough to cycle competitively straight after, it became apparent I would need help.


I approached coach Rosslyn Hamlyn and after discussing my running and cycling requirements she was able to produce a flexible running plan that included my cycling needs. She has an holistic approach to training; she took time to look at, not only my running technique and muscle care, but also at work commitments /lifestyle, dietary needs and my general well-being.


At the end of each week we would discuss how the training had gone, taking into account cause and effect from my life influences. Rosslyn would then tweak the training plan to compensate. She would then talk to me a couple of times in the week to make sure I was on track.


I found the variety in the training sessions very enjoyable, long distance running can be very boring but not once did I feel like the training was a chore or that I was alone. I found Rosslyn’s enthusiasm and encouragement brought the best performance out of me and produce a level of fitness I have not ever experienced before.


 Completed London Marathon in 3h55m24s  


Mark Turner.

Not just a cyclist, now a runner.


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